We develop and import fishery products
to meet the needs of customers.

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  1. Our English website has been launched.

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Our significant mission is stably supplying safe and reliable fishery products to our customers.

We are always required up-dated and stable trust and confidence in a food environment which rapidly changes on a worldwide scale such as TPP.

Under these circumstances, our products have been supplied to more than 200 domestic wholesalers, makers and restaurants from its country of origin including Europe via processing plant in Southeast Asia, Vietnam and China based on our experience that we've built for many years.

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We control all steps from purchasing raw materials, processing, customs until delivery.

In terms of buying raw materials, we visit fishery ports all over Japan and inspect fat contents and freshness by ourselves.

In the processing step, we use lots of ice and control temperature during processing to keep freshness and products are completely frozen at about -30℃.

In terms of working in domestic sales, we always try to provide products quickly which meets customer’s requests with the fair price in the domestic market.