Order Products

After we order products to supplier, it takes about 1 to 1.5 months to arrive in Japan.

Firstly, we make sales contract, its size, quantity, amount, delivery date and terms of payment with supplier. After signing contract, factories start processing products.


In the production, all steps are proceeded manually by workers, starting from separating raw materials and washing.

In order to keep freshness, we use lots of ice and control temperature during processing and products are completely frozen at about -30℃.

To prevent mixing foreign matters, workers check products well, use a metal detector and production managers regularly picking out sampling inspection.

In addition, we dispatch instructor from our company to factories until we make sure that the products are processed without any problems.

In case arranging raw materials by ourselves, we actually visit fishery ports, inspect material, negotiate price. We arrange to export material and manage production control.

Customs clearance

The shipping documents are sent from exporter after shipping from the port.

We arrange domestic cold storage to keep our products and a customs broker.

The products are carried to cold storage after the vessel arrives in Japanese port and it is sometimes necessary to pass food inspection or monitoring inspection by Quarantine station.

After finish these procedure and custom clearance, we can sell the products to our customers.


We mainly deliver products to wholesaler, maker, restaurants, school lunch, hospital and nursing home.

During keeping products in cold storage, we regularly check products about quality, shape and any other problems.

All the time we seek new possibilities, exhibiting our products and finding new customers.

In terms of purchasing Japanese raw materials, we visit fishery ports all over Japan to find the seasonal fishes.

We always try to provide products quickly which meets customer’s request with the fair price in the domestic market.